Snack Boxes

Each self service snack box contains 50+ items.  This includes Chocolate, Confectionery, Savoury Snacks and drinks. The box solution is offered to businesses free of charge with no contract. Employees simply pay for what they eat using an effective honesty box system.
Snack boxes are serviced by specially allocated, reliable operators. They will restock, clean as required and collect the money. This will ensure you receive a personal service from someone who understands your needs and preferences.
Snack in the Box are proud to have strong brand partnerships with some of the nation’s favourite confectionery. We supply Mars, Snickers, Twix, M&M’s, Galaxy Chocolate, Walkers, Real crisps and more!
The box itself is made of durable, anti fade plastic. It’s made to comply with Health and Safety regulations in the workplace. Even when placed in factories or garages that may be dusty or sunny.
If you are a small to medium sized business without space or the requirement for a full sized vending machine, snack boxes are the perfect alternative.

Slimline Machine

The Slimline Machine from Snack in the Box is unique and compact. This confectionery vending machine is the perfect choice for small to medium businesses with limited space.

For workplaces with 25 – 100 employees, Slimline is the next step up from self service snack boxes. Offering the same great selection of the UK’s favourite snacks from Mars, Walkers and Galaxy.

Snack in the Box pride ourselves on having vending solutions to suit all requirements. This battery powered machine fits anywhere from portable cabins and small staff rooms to canteens and kitchens. No mains power supply necessary!

We provide weekly cleaning and restocking services , as well as an easy cash collect service. We ensure a personable, reliable local person for you. There are no costs to worry about.
Rocket refreshments installs the machine on a free-to-hire basis, with no contract to sign.

Combi Machine

Rocket Refreshments places your chosen vending solution in your workplace free of charge. Combi vending machines are ideal for large businesses with 50+ staff members. With a capacity of up to 300 top branded
confectionery, crisps, snacks and drinks.

The Combi is a chilled vending machine. Ensuring you have constant supply of cold drinks and Snacks. Our staff fill your vending machine with the nation’s favourite drinks and snacks.
Including Mars, Snickers, Twix and Walkers Crisps alongside Pepsi and Drench cold drinks.

As with all of our vending solutions, the vending machine will be placed in your workplace free of charge, with no contract to sign. It is versatile, easily fitting in workspaces. Including offices and reception areas to warehouses, factories, hotels and canteens.

Your local representative will be responsible for servicing and restocking regularly. All you need to do in the mean time is pay for what you eat. The Combi vending machine is completely locked and secure. The selection process is easy with a digital keypad. Should you experience any problems, our customer support centre is always available.

We have many other solutions available, including hot drinks and cold can machines, contact us now for your free, no obligation evaluation